Georgians at Home

Charlotte and Alice are waiting to go to the ball and are playing music to pass the time. This room is a bit like what we would call a Living Room. To ‘withdraw’ means to ‘relax’. There were lots of things that Georgians would do for fun, from playing cards and practising music to rolling the carpet back and practising their dancing! What else might you like to do to relax in this room?

Jane Austen

During the Georgian period, families would have parties and celebrate at home with music and dancing. In Jane Austen’s book called ‘Emma’, the characters decide to dance after eating their dinner. It was not proper to dance on the carpet, so they moved the furniture out of the way, rolled the carpet back and began an evening of fun! Do you play music and practice dancing at home?

Explore an Object: The Harpsichord

Similar to a piano, a harpsichord sounded very different. In a piano, the strings inside are hammered when a key is pressed to make a sound, in a harpsichord, the strings are plucked, like a harp, instead. This instrument was often played by ladies as part of the family entertainment.

Find this object. What was this object used for?