Georgians At Home

Men would have used this room to display souvenirs collected from their travels, enjoy new inventions and to study science and geography. Listen to Thomas having a conversation with his son, Richard. Richard is distracted by some of the things in this room, can you spot any of the objects that he mentions?

Jane Austen

In Jane Austen’s stories, it was usually only men who spent time in rooms like this one. In Jane’s book called ‘Pride and Prejudice’ one character, Lizzy, was sent to her father’s study to discuss a marriage that she did not want. Can you imagine how nervous she must have been? Lucky for her, her father wanted her to be happy but many women in this time were forced to marry against their will.

Explore an Object: An Ammonite

Fossils were often found in rooms like this. People would collect things from nature to understand more about the world. Sometimes important objects were stolen from other countries and many museums are now trying to give them back. Nothing in this room was stolen. What is your favourite?

Find this object. What was this object used for?