Whether you’re a teacher looking for learning resources to support a visit to our museum or you’re a parent looking for high quality activities to try out at home, this page is for you! All the resources on this page are free to download, print and share. This page is regularly updated with more learning resources so keep checking in to see what’s coming next.

If you enjoyed these resources or if you’ve got an idea for a future learning resource, please let us know! Send an email to learning@bptrust.org.uk or find us on social media.

For learning resources relating to the World Heritage status of the city of Bath click here.

Georgian Paper Dress up Dolls – Wigs, feathers, ribbons and reticules were all a ladies best friend in Georgian fashion. Try making your own own Georgian paper dress up doll, designed and illustrated by Katy Potaty Illustration.

Fantastic Fans – Fans were a hugely popular accessory in the Gerogian era but did you know that you can you speak with a fan? Make your own decorative Georgian fan then learn some fan language to try out at home.

Georgian treats (flourless recipes) – Ever wondered what people ate over 300 years ago? Try out some of these easy, child friendly, flourless recipes at home. Perfect for little ones with a sweet tooth!

Decorative Prints – Explore the beautiful prints that adorn the walls and carpets of No.1 Royal Crescent, learn about how symmetry affected Georgian design, then make your own decorative print using recycled materials.

No. 1 Royal Crescent Colouring and Making Sheet – Learn about all the different building components of No.1 the Royal Crescent and help us put it back together again! You can also colour it in.