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Our Learning Team are working hard to develop a series of resources for use by autistic and neurodiverse visitors. We have a range of resources available to borrow that might support you on your visit. We are following Government guidelines to ensure they are used by visitors and staff in a safe way. This page will share what is available so please keep coming back as we will add more resources over time.

Information poster listing available resources for neurodiverse visitors

Social Story

We have created a Social Story to help neurodiverse visitors prepare for a visit to the museum. This guide will walk you through a visit, showing you the route through the house, the signage and other accessible spaces. You might find some additional information that will help you to plan your trip, find your way around the museum and what activities and facilities are available.

(PDF opens in a new tab):

Main Entrance page of our Social Story

Sensory Map

Our new immersive experience includes visual and auditory elements that neurodiverse visitors may find difficult. Some rooms also feature strong smells. You can use this sensory map to identify sensory-friendly spaces in the museum. Please keep in mind that, as the museum’s building and exhibitions change regularly, parts of this map may not be up to date on the day of your visit. The temperature varies as you move through the museum and some spaces can be quite cold. You may want to bring extra layers of clothing to put on.

Please note that a one way system is currently in place.

A physical copy of this map will also be available on the front desk of the museum.

(PDF opens in a new tab):

Museum Lighting Levels page of our Sensory Map

Sensory bags

Our new Sensory Bags can be borrowed from the main entrance to the house. They contain resources and items that might support you on your visit, make your visit more enjoyable and help you keep calm as you explore. Please ask a member of staff if you would like to see the bag, find out more or borrow one. In advance of a visit you can call the Museum to find out more and put a bag aside for your visit.

Included in each bag are;

  • Ear defenders (adjustable for both children and adults)
  • Fidget toys x2
  • 5 minute sand timer
  • Globe stress ball
  • Magnifying glass
  • Sensory fan
  • A soft toy to show around
  • A PECS style board with list of contents
  • A sensory map of the museum

These are free to borrow by signing them out at the main reception desk and leaving some form of ID as security (passport/driving licence/credit card). This is stored securely and returned when the bag is returned.

The communication board is designed to help families plan their visit and to communicate with staff and helpers. It is in a similar style to the PECS boards used in schools and at home. We used picto selector to create our PECS boards.

If you are interested in having your own set of these to add to your own board, please email and we will happily send you the images to use when you visit us.

Ear defenders

Ear defenders are available to borrow from the ticket desks, please just ask a member of staff if you would like to access a set.

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