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  Georgians At Home

A family has arrived in Bath to stay. Meet the mother, father, eldest son and two daughters enjoying breakfast around the table.

The middle son is a soldier fighting in America and the youngest son is poorly and has stayed at home in the country. Whilst in Bath the family will attend balls and visit the baths to enjoy the hot water.

Look at the foods laid out on the table, from meats and nuts to muffins and fruit do these look like the foods that you would eat for breakfast today?

  Jane Austen

When writer, Jane Austen, lived in Bath, the city was not as popular as it once was. Rich people were visiting towns like Brighton or Weymouth instead.

Families with less money were moving to Bath and this was part of the story in one of Jane’s Austen’s books, called Persuasion.

In the book, the Elliot family move to Bath but try to hide the fact they have lost their money as they pretend they are still rich.

The family had three options of where to live, but they chose Bath. What were the other 2 options?

  Explore an Object: Look for the Leather Screen

Behind the screen in the corner of this room would have been a chamber pot used for going to the toilet during meal times.

Could you imagine going to the toilet in the middle of dinner with everyone still in the room?!

  Find this object. What was this object used for?

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